Designing your own T-shirts is currently very much in vogue. You don’t always want to wear ready-made outerwear, but want to express your very own individual style. Self-designed T-shirts create individuality and style, as they are almost unique. Rarely will you find someone wearing the same shirt as yourself. This danger exists with clothes you would otherwise buy. So if you want to create something individual and unique, t-shirt printing offers a multitude of possibilities.

Here you can choose between shirts in different sizes and colors and many design templates. At the same time, you can also print your own motifs or photos on the shirt.


Men can choose from classic shirts with V or round necklines as well as polo, zoombie, basketball and muscle shirts. For ladies, the online shops have V-neck models in addition to the normal T-shirts with round neckline.

Particularly popular are T-shirt dresses, spaghetti tops and hoodies, which can be provided with individual prints. Those who are active in sports have the possibility to design a polo or wrestling shirt individually according to their own wishes. But many companies also use the option of having shirts printed with the company logo or slogan.

Women can design their own T-shirts at

Of course, T-shirts in different sizes for children can also be provided with motifs according to their wishes. It is best to look at the individual templates together with your child, because he or she should like the shirt after all. If you would like to have a self-drawn picture printed on T-shirts, simply photograph the drawing and upload the file. Of course you can also scan the picture and upload it to the website.

The individual design

With the help of the calculator installed on the website, interested parties can choose a T-shirt variant on which the selected motif is then projected. Of course, changes are possible at any time. If you find other interesting motifs while browsing the website, you can also create your own unique specimen with them. Only when the order process is finished, the shirts will be printed. In most online shops, besides the product T-shirt, there is also the possibility to print a photo poster from the same pictures.

In addition to the numerous motif templates, your own ideas can also be implemented. If, for example, you would like to have the photo of your pet applied to a shirt, upload the photo file to the website and then align the motif on the shirt using the calculator. Do you have a motto that you would like to have printed on a shirt? This possibility also exists.

If you work voluntarily in an association, you might want to wear a shirt with the association’s lettering or logo. However, it would make sense to place a collective order here in order to benefit from even more favourable conditions.

Also for enterprises very interesting

In many companies, but also in doctors’ surgeries and some public institutions, polo shirts and T-shirts with embossed logos are now worn. This can take away the fear of visiting a doctor from children in particular. For this reason, more and more children’s clinics are wearing coloured polo shirts or T-shirts instead of white doctor’s coats, tunics and gowns.

Particularly at public events such as trade fairs and local events with great viewer interest, companies can draw attention to themselves with colourful T-shirts. In addition, these also represent a wonderful promotional gift, for example to new or regular customers, and at the same time serve to increase customer loyalty.

When selecting the shirts to be printed, you should generally pay attention to quality and not primarily to price. At this point we would also like to recommend this for the poster print! A very well-known saying, which is also valid here, is: “Who buys cheap, buys twice”. The online shops mentioned in this article stand for high quality at a reasonable price.

Different printing techniques

In some online shops you can also choose between different printing techniques. Choose a long-lasting, but also very detailed version, as long as your motif is provided with interesting colour nuances. In this way you ensure that the garments still look like new even after repeated washing.

Finally a few tips

Especially with T-shirts with printed motifs, you should make sure that you do not hang them in the blazing sun to dry. Due to the direct and prolonged exposure to the sun, there is a danger that the motifs will fade quickly. Hang the shirts in the semi-shade, if possible in a windier place. This will save you ironing later on.

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