My sword background is mainly with Japanese and Oriental sword jobs, so I discovered Dr. Yang, Jing-Ming’s DVD “Sword Basic Training: Solo Drills and also Matching Method” varies from what I recognize, yet extremely interesting and quite possibly done for a training DVD.

I’ve been extremely satisfied with Dr. Yang’s DVDs on Chin Na, specifically considering that my main art of Hapkido likewise contains numerous joint lock as well as stress point strategies. So I intended to discover more of the sword principles from the Chinese arts that Dr. Yang educates. This is a great DVD to present those concepts and also training techniques.

The DVD is divided right into 6 major chapters: Introduction, General Understanding, Techniques, Solo Practice, Matching Technique, and also the Final thought. These six major chapters are divided into more than 60 chapters to assist you to avoid the area you wish to review as well as research. The whole program is a little over 3 and also a fifty percent hrs long, so you will certainly wish to take notes and avoid back to the sections as you proceed. There are captions that support Dr. Yang’s guidelines. I don’t believe they are necessary, yet having them there does not hurt. They do not match the exact words of Dr. Yang but share the basic ideas he goes over.

The very first portion of the DVD focuses on details as well as the background of the sword. It was very interesting and also informative. It’s a lecture on the sword that consists of Chinese adages about the sword. This section was very interesting if you have an interest in all points martial as I am. Dr. Yang after educates 27 essential methods with the sword. The guideline is extremely clear, and also Dr. Yang highlights pupils to assist him in revealing applications of the methods. So many DVDs would certainly simply reveal the activity one or two times and also carry on to the following. Dr. Yang provides so much a lot more, and it is actually rejuvenating to see a teacher that goes above and past while training.

The following part of the program entails the solo technique drills. There is a great deal to discover and exercise here. The Chinese activities are different from the Japanese as well as Korean I’m utilized to, and also I delighted in finding out some different means to make use of the lengthy blade, even if some of the motions seemed unpleasant because of being foreign to me. Sometimes, Dr. Yang, has students do the solo drills, so you reach see different variants of the solo method.

The final section before the verdict is the matching experiment a companion. There were ten various matching drills as well as once more, Dr. Yang provides so much while teaching. Going sluggish, watching the DVD, and also working with a companion, and also you can certainly discover a whole lot from this program. Again, Dr. Yang’s pupils show online experiments the drills Dr. Yang shows. Watching them illustrates just how you can exercise.

I truly take pleasure in Dr. Yang’s guidelines and descriptions. He has such an incredible amount of expertise as well as I feel we are privileged to have accessibility to that expertise via the books as well as DVDs he has actually authored and created. Despite having such understanding and also the conventional background, he still interjects wit and modern American culture, such as near the end when he says it takes a long time to end up being a Jedi.

One more point that really impressed me, and also I’ve mentioned already, is the amount of info Dr. Yang provides on this DVD. I recently looked into a three-volume set on protection from my library. Each DVD was half an hour long. I thought to myself, why really did not they place every one of these on one DVD? They wanted to make even more money, that’s why. This DVD is more than 3 and a half hrs long. If that other company had created it, it would certainly have been launched as 7 DVDs. It is simply one more factor I actually respect Dr. Yang as well as YMAA.

The DVD from Coupontoaster additionally contains the standard YMAA Extras: About YMAA, Brochure, Video Clip Previews, and DVD Credit reports.

This is an exceptional introduction to the Chinese sword. It provides background and information regarding the sword and also enough guidelines on strategies to provide numerous hours of understanding as well as practice. I advise it to any person that wishes to find out or understand more regarding Chinese sword techniques.